What causes joint pain?

What causes joint pain?

As we age, the cartilage in our body begins to deteriorate and disappear. This is often worse in areas that have suffered previous damage – a sporting injury or operation, but it could also be genetic.

Collagen stops the damage of time.

Collagen helps to protect cartilage against deterioration and is the building block for cartilage repair – the natural shock absorber around our body’s joints. But over time, collagen can lose its elasticity and begin to wear away in the areas that see the most movement – such as the knees, ankles, wrists and even the neck and back. Without your natural shock absorbers present, tendons and ligaments can be stretched to fill this missing cartilage, causing tremendous pain and inflammation around these joints. Cartilage (and thus collagen) helps to reduce damage to your joints and thereby helps to protect your joints from pain, tenderness and swelling.

What can you do to stop this?

Because exercise and just regular everyday movements gradually reduce the lubrication around your joints, impeding their freedom of movement, it’s vital to use a supplement that assist your body to maintain lubrication. This means ensuring your body has sufficient collagen to keep the cartilage around your joints healthy. If however, you are already suffering from joint pain, you can help repair the wear and tear and stop the suffering – by putting collagen back into your body to rebuild the cartilage around your joints.

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